The Science of Grounding your way to Health & Well-Being

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What is Grounding

Grounding improves our Cortisol Circadian Rhythm. This means that the optimal amount of Cortisol is maintained in our systems so that we feel awake and alert most times instead of oscillating between feeling stressed and drowsy.

In short, regular and consistent Grounding will positively impact Quality of life by enhancing longevity, mood, productivity and creativity. 

In Brief

Grounding can help ease of excessive and even chronic inflammation. Regular grounding can strengthen the immune response of our bodies, making us less susceptible to illness. Healing of wounds is greatly enhanced, and recovery time after exercise has been shown to be much faster.

People who have not insomnia or other sleep related issues, report falling asleep is easier and that they wake up far more refreshed than they had in years. They sleep longer and deeper.

Reduction of blood viscosity translates into decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The nervous system becomes much more robust. This means that it is much easier to shift and stay in the parasympathetic state instead of the sympathetic (fight or flight) state.

Even auto-immune diseases have shown remarkable improvement with regular and consistent grounding.

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Some amazing observations about the Effects of Regular Grounding

A group of about a dozen researchers have been studying the physiological effects of grounding from a variety of perspectives. This research has led to more than a dozen studies published in peer-reviewed journals. While most of these pilot studies involved relatively few subjects, taken together, the research has opened a new and promising frontier in inflammation research, with broad implications for prevention and public health.

Wound Healing

A badly fitted shoe caused this wound that was resistant to various treatments at a specialised wound center.

A shows the open wound, B is after  one week of grounding, C is after 2 weeks of grounding.

When first seen she had a lot of pain and a mild limp. In just 30 minutes of grounding, she reported a decrease in pain. Within a week of grounding, she reported 80% decrease in pain and was not limping any more. After 2 weeks, she had no pain and the wound was well on it’s way to healing completely

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Decrease in Inflammation

 Thermal imaging cameras record tiny changes in skin temperature to create a colour-coded map of hot areas indicative of inflammation. The picture on the right shows warm and painful areas on the body of the patient. He slept on a grounding bedsheet for just 4 nights and there is a dramatic reduction in the pain and heat of inflammation.

This study was carried out with numerous people. Within 30 minutes of being grounded they report some reduction in pain. After about a week of sleeping on grounding bedsheets, people reported 40-50% reduction in pain. After a month of grounding most people reported 80-90% reduction in pain.

One woman in particular who had swelling in her knees and could not stand without support said that within a few days of grounding she could stand longer. After about a month of grounding, she said she was feeling well enough to play soccer. For the first time in 15 years she felt no instability and experienced very little pain. After 6 months of regular grounding, she ran half a marathon – something she had never believed would have been possible for her.

The simple act of sleeping each night on grounding sheets for 6 months to a year could potentially help someone even with severe arthritis. 

Impact of Grounding on Blood Viscosity

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In just 45 minutes of sitting with a grounding mat, there was a remarkable change in blood viscosity – you can see the coagulated blood of the people who volunteered for testing on the left and the free flowing blood of the same people on the right.

Decreased Blood Viscosity  is directly linked to decrease in risk of cardiovascular disease. 

As you work at your computer, surrounded by electronic gadgetry you are exposing yourself to all sorts of electro-magnetic radiation. The simple act of putting your barefeet on a grounding mat can flush off all those free radicles and guarantee you better cardiovascular health.

How long does the effect last?

Researchers are still to figure that one out. Don’t wait for the results. Simply ensure you ground yourself as you work every day.

For more research on Earthing, visit The research page on the Earthing Institute Website