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Grounding has been proven to be effective to combat inflamation and all the related lifestyle diseases that accompany it. Grounding will greatly reduce aches and pains in your body and flood your system with energy and vitality.

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What is Grounding?

The Molecular Battlefield

When an intruder or an infection is detected by your Immune System, White blood cells in their droves are sent to the site in distress.

These WBCs fire “Oxydative Loads” onto the intruder – oxidative loads are substances with less electrons and hence unstable.

On the molecular battlefield inside you, these substances then strip the intruder of electrons, thereby stabilising themselves and neutralising the intruder.

A fantastic system with only one big problem. Our WBCs are over zealous in firing those oxydative loads and so even after the intruder has been dealt with, there are still these substances with a lust for electrons hanging around which then will attack healthy tissue… Which in turn will trigger the immune system to send even more WBCs to that area whcih will fire even more oxydative loads to handle the new “injury” – resulting in a vicious circle of what is popularly called Inflammation.

And BTW, those oxydative loads are popularly called Free Radicles.

Anti Oxidants

To counter the problem of Free Radicles, we would need to eat what are called anti-oxidants. Substances with excess electrons, that would donate their electrons to the free radicles and everything would again be stable.

Anti-oxidant rich foods include dark chocolate (Yes!!), Pecans, Blueberries, Strawberries, Artichokes, Goji Berries, Raspberries, Kale, Beets, Spinach, etc.

People take all sorts of supplements to get those anti-oxidants into their systems to eliminate inflammation and all it’s associated unpleasantness.

One might wonder how come evolution didn’t create a safety net for this excess of free radicles. Why has such an over zealous system been allowed to run rampant in the body?

Evolution didn’t see the point… Let me explain.

The Power of the Earth

Lightning strikes the surface of our planet approximately 8 million times a day or 3 billion times a year. 

And Lightning is basically electricity – right? And electricity is just tons of electrons! The Earth’s surface is suffused with electrons. The Earth itself is the biggest Anti-oxidant pill ever.

For millions of years through evolution, we as a species were in direct contact with the Earth’s surface. This meant that all those excess free radicles would be neutralised simply through touching the Earth with any part of our body. Evolution didn’t need to control an over enthusiastic Immune System because there was a ready made pathway to flush out all those free radicles. 

Unfortunately, Evolution had not taken rubber or electricity into consideration…


Charles Goodyear discoved rubber in 1839. And soon after came rubber soled shoes. Perhaps one of the biggest contributors to disease in Humanity as a species – Ever!

People wearing rubber shoes were in contact with the Earth, yet isolated from Her healing power. Evolution had not bargained upon the foolishness of humans, and so, had not managed to put in a check on those super enthusiastic WBCs…

Result? Inflammation and all the associated life style diseases.


The problem of free radicles inside your body is greatly compounded by all the electro magnetic radiation that you are unknowingly exposed to by various electronic gadgets that surround you.

Just take a look around you now – you are probably reading this on a screen of a computer or your phone. You may have headphones or a good speaker around where you are sitting. You may have mobile phone towers and power lines nearby.

The walls around you may have electricity cables concealed in it.

The radiation is invisible and insidious. It is flooding your system with even more Free Radicles and all of this is adding up to compromise your health and well-being.

Don’t worry I am not going to ask you to get rid of the technology around you. The solution is much simpler and quite elegant…

Barefoot on the Earth

If you have read this far, you have probably figured out the solution – the easiest thing you could imagine. Just walk bare feet. Let your body touch the Earth for at least an hour or two every day. Walk bare feet on the grass, wade in a river, take a dip in the sea. Get rid of those shoes. This will not work on man-made surfaces – cement, asphalt, etc. Your skin needs to be in direct contact with natural Earth. I just sprawl on the grass and play with my dog Akhira.

You will be amazed at the health benefits you will see in your system in just a few days. As the inflammation reduces, aches and pains will melt away, you will sleep better, you will heal faster, your stress response will calm down, your nervous system will become more robust, your blood viscosity will reduce, brain fog and anxiety will fade away… The list of benefits is endless.

And yet – we know many of you will not do it. The excuses will come – I don’t have the time. Finding an unpolluted piece of planet near where I live is impossible. The park/beach is too far…

And so – Enter Technology!

You have the power to impact your Quality of Life…

Bring in the Anti-Oxidative Power of the Earth right into your home or workplace.

Grounding… At Home!

Almost every modern home has plug sockets. And most plug points have grounding to prevent electrical surges in power supply from messing up expensive electronic gadgetry. The “Earthing Point” of the plug will flush off excess electrical outages into the Earth. Beginning to sound familiar?

Clint Ober made the connection (pun intended).

He figured out that if we could just use the Earthing point of a plug socket and somehow get a part of the body to get into contact with it – all those free radicles floating inside of us would be history.

A basic grounding mat is easy to make. Take a copper sheet. Strip a wire on both ends and stick one end onto the sheet and the other end into the grounding slot of a plug, being super careful that no part of the stripped wire touches the live slots. Plug in and touch the copper sheet with your bare skin and voila! – You are grounded. Though it’s easy to make, it can be quite a hassle and will not look very pretty… though it will do the job.

At Grounding India, we have taken this concept up a few notches. We have created beautiful aesthetically pleasing, 100% safe products to allow you to ground yourself from the comfort of your own home.


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Benefits of Grounding 

Reduces Inflammation

90% of all chronic health issues are linked to excessive or persistent inflammation. Grounding is one of the simplest way to deal with this.

Better Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of health. Sleep powers success. Grounding everyday guarantees better quality sleep, resulting in… well – better quality everything!

Decreases Pain

If you awaken with dull aches and pains each day, you will find that when you ground yourself, these melt away like dew drops on a sunny morning.

Reduces Blood Viscosity

Cardiovascular risk is directly related to blood viscosity. Grounding can dramatically reduce the chances of any heart conditions.

Decreased Stress Response

Grouding can help shift us from our sympathetic state to our parasypathetic state, thus creating a more robust Nervous System.

Increases Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability is the interbeat betweeen heartbeats. This is related to better recovery, better emotional resilience, and overall well-being. 

Improves Wound Healing

Grounding is perhaps the simplest and quickest modality that can be integrated into alternative healing methods.

Improves Cortisol Rhythm

Too much cortisol and you feel stressed. Too little and you will feel drowsy.A proper Cortisol rhythms means you are more alert and prductive through the day. 

Places you can Ground Yourself

Out in nature is always the best. Walking bare feet in the mud or on grass, wading in a pond, bathing in a river or the sea – all work perfectly. If you enjoy gardening, just remember to be bare feet as you tend to your plants.  Ensure you are not on any man-made surface like cement or asphalt. You need direct contact of your skin with natural Earth for the magic to happen.

Or you could buy our exquisite grounding products and ground yourself from the comfort or your own home or work place!

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Rivers & Seas

Bathing in clean rivers and oceans can refresh and rejuvenate you

Ponds & Lakes

Wade into the crytstal clear waters of a pond or a lake to experience Grounding


Get organic fruits and veggies as a side hustle when you garden and ground

Grass & Mud

The wetter the better

Forest Bathing

Ground yourself and breathe in Nature